Scene Girls Shoe Wear Tips - Neon Shoelaces

Scene girls wear shoes that are bright such as vans, ballet flats, Converse, or high heels which are eye-catching. To make your shoes look great, you can add things like neon shoelaces with signatures of your friends on your shoes but make sure they look personalized.

Kim Bum Hairstyles

Kim Bum (Kim Sang Bum), born July 7, 1989, is a South Korean actor and singer. He has starred in several television series and movies. He is probably best known for his role as So Yi Jung in the Korean drama, Boys over Flowers. This program is popular throughout most of Asia and the Philippines.

For his role in Boys over Flowers, Kim wears his hair in a medium length straight shag. This style is easy to achieve with a small amount of gel to hold the bangs to one side so that vision is not obscured. It looks clean cut enough to be acceptable in most settings while looking messy enough to show off a person's individuality.

For his role in the upcoming movie, Emergency, Kim wore his hair in cornrows on the sides and loose on top. This style is considerably more time consuming to achieve. It also does not look as attractive on him as the shag. Fortunately, this look is only for the one movie and will not be around long.

The shag is one of the best haircuts for someone with relatively thin, straight hair. It looks fuller and is easy to style compared to other options besides a buzz cut.

Short Angled Bob Hairstyles

Angled bob hairstyles are among one of the hottest hair trends to look out for. The new angled bob hairstyles are longer and end around the shoulders. They are sexier and they have full curls to give the angled bob hairstyles even more flare.

Bobbed hairstyle - "Angled Bob Hairstyles"

Bobs are uber-trendy right now and a classic look. But they can be versatile (see Katie Holmes' hair here) and there are many types of bobs out there to choose from. Check out these bob hairstyle photos.
Bobbed hairstyle
Bobbed hairstyle
Bobbed hairstyle
Bobbed hairstyle
Bobbed hairstyle

Mandy Moore Hairstyle

When we first met Mandy Moore, she was in our CD players singing us through our teenage years. Now, the grown up Mandy Moore has discovered acting. We have seen in her excellent films such as “Because I Said So” and “Saved”. As we have watched her grow into a young woman, we have watched her style change as well. take a look at the different hairstyles that we have seen Mandy in.

At first, Mandy was just a young strawberry blonde girl who possessed the gift of singing. Now, we find her on the silver screen, the same hair color is there as well. Mandy prefers to wear her hair longer. In the move “How to Deal” however, we did see her with a cute short cut. This cut was very close to a cut that celebrity Ashley Judd had for awhile. There are short layers and the hair stacks on top of each other. This is a great style if you have thinner hair.

Mandy typically parts her hair down the middle. Because her hair is longer, she does have some longer layers put in there. This adds some body as well and gives the hair some more life. The last thing that you want is long, flat hair. That would simply be no fun at all. The only product you would need to finish a style such as this would be hair spray.

Take a look at your current style and see if you can find a Mandy Moore style that works for you!