April Fools Day Pranks

As we get ready for the jokes in this year's April FoolsDay, Americans believe of what to expect. If you plan to be a hoax of April andnot Foolee, here are some ideas:

Areas Fool came up with a good idea. They recommend paying alittle nail polish on the wax paper. When drying paint, remove and place on animportant document of your friend. Expect horrified look on their faces whenthey see it.

Funmuch.com came up with an April Fool. The night beforeApril 1, take a shower shower head and place the head lifeguard. The nextmorning, when they shower they will not notice anything, until they begin todry. They should go back to get rid of again.

World of children was a great idea. They offered to putGummy bears in the interior of Apple (s). Give them to your friends and family.You can use other fruits, but apples are the most effective.
April Fools History

Although there are references to April 1 of insanity in theCanterbury Tales 1392, the celebration took place before the 16 th century.This is not a holiday and the holiday lasts only until noon in the UK, New Zealand,Australia and South Africa. United States,it can last all day.

Web site, the Museum of hoaxes, and studied the informalside. They took the top 100 hoaxes. Their number was a joke in 1957 when theBBC announced that the warm weather and a terrible spaghetti weevil eliminationof the production of spaghetti harvest in Switzerland.

Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Formula 1 opened the titledefense, most important the perfect race, ahead of McLaren Lewis Hamilton towin the opportunity Australian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Preliminary from pole location, Vettel kept his lead afterthe first turn and had already opened a gap of more than 2 seconds over Hamilton, following thefirst round and lead the Germans have never been dangerously exposed.

Renault Vitaly Petrov was a surprise third, claiming hisfirst podium with a strong show.

Vettel, who hired two stop approach on new tires Pirelli,made his first pit stop to change the soft rubber in the 14-lap, consequentialin third place to the front of McLaren in JB. He restored the lead two lapslater when Hamiltonmade a tire change and never looked back, eventually winning by more than 22seconds.

"It's great," he radioed to his team after thecheckered flag. "Excellent machine. Excellent stop."

Fernando Alonso done 4th, while Australian Mark Webber was 5thand how to use a three-stop strategy - one more than the podium finishers.

Button was sixth, behind in his quest to win the race forthe third consecutive year. He had to do drivethrough penalty after using thebest grip to pass Ferrari Felipe Massa at the beginning of the race, and thatcost him a shot in the third.

Sauber's Sergio Perez has been impressive seventh in hisfirst Grand Prix, surprising only to the well once. He finished ahead ofteammate Kamui Kobayashi, and Massawas ninth and Toro Rosso Sebastien Buemi took the last point in the 10 th.

It was a bad day for Mercedes, with both Michael Schumacherand Nico Rosberg did not finish.

"I had a good start, of which quite a few positions, itwas a good run into turn three, but as I was in, someone (Jaime Alguersuari)knocked on my rear right," Schumacher said. "The result was I had apuncture, which destroyed the right bus, and returned to the pits mostlydestroyed the right word. In the end the team decided for safety that youshould not stay out."

Hamiltonalso damaged the floor of his car when he went wide on turn one of itsthirty-second range. He continued, although the team warned him late to nursethe car into second, and not try to fight for the leadership.

Chris Brown, Chris Brown News, Chris Brown Photos, Chris Brown images and Pics

It was reported that Chris Brown left New York and indoors in Los Angeles on Friday. On Friday, he and his publicistTammy Brook, also dispersed.

Previous this week, Chris Brown was annoyed explosion afterhis conference with Good Morning America, when questions began to deal with itssadistic incident with Rihanna. Brown gets a lot of bad press just now, and nowsays that he and his publicist parted.

Brook argues that the Good Morning America incident was notthe main reason that this happened. According to MSNBC, she did not evenparticipate in arranging interviews, and her main job is to promote his latestalbum. Since the album was released on Tuesday, she feels that her work ismostly done.

Brown reportedly broke a window on Good Morning America whenasked questions about Britney Spears, saying that he was not prepared for theinterview take this turn. He has since apologized through various media.

Cherry Blossom Festival 2011

Essex province ExecutiveJoseph DiVincenzo-junior, along with the Board of Chosen Freeholders and the takingapart Brook Park Alliance, announced on Thursday of the behavior for the 35thAnnual Cherry Blossom celebration.

DiVincenzo said Thursday at the CherryBlossom Centerfor company to the commons, which is located in Bellevilleand Newark.
Thousands of guests from around the region and around theworld meet on the park each year in April to see the first red and whiteflowers blossom on the trees. Essex County has long sponsoredevents correspond with the start of the season. Festival of pride for Belleville, whichidentifies itself as "Cherry Blossom Capital of America."
Cherry Blossom Festival ends on April 17 from Bloom festoccurs from 11 am to 5 pm, and featuring cultural demonstrations, children's actions,live music, Bazaar Crafter's, food and other activities for the complete familyto enjoy.

"This is a great day to be in the park," saidSalvante.

David Norton, a spokesman for Aetna Insurance, which is predictableas a premier sponsor of the Family Festival Park for the second year, thecompany has articulated enthusiasm to participate in this matter "to beable to support the community and help preserve a very important asset, as apark, and thus way to help improve the health and welfare of citizens. "
"The cherry tree flower is a symbol of our partnershipwith Japan,"said Anibal Ramos, a member of the Board of Newark. "In light of therecent tragedy that took place there, this year we have a lot to celebrate andremember." He also added that "Cherry Blossom Festival does a lot forthis community in terms of attracting visitors and promoting our localbusinesses, and for this we would like to thank Joe for his leadership, as wellas the Council of Chosen Freeholders".

"Cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park has truly becomethe destination," said DiVincenzo. "So not only do they say about thecherry blossoms in Washington,and now they are talking about Essex County Branch Brook Park.
Fifty percent of proceeds from Cherry Blossom Festivalcontacts lapel will be donated to the Red Cross in Japan. Contact worth $ 5 each andwill be sold in Essex County Cherry Blossom Welcome Center during the firsttwo weeks of April and throughout the festival events. Donations will alsoreceive Centre for the benefit of the people of Japan.

Mega Millions Winning Numbers

Multimillion Dollar winning numbers were: 22-24-31-52-54 andthe Mega Ball was 4. Workers at the force down center Colson are breaking inthe midst of pride, even though they do not know who the winner up till now.They do not receive official announcement from the officials of the statelottery until Monday, when they point out that the date and time the ticket wassold, the clerk said Steve Gallucci.
The winner has the opportunity to take the prize of U.S. $202.9 million lump sum or receive payments during the next 25 years.

Big Board Friday press winner is currently the largestjackpot for a single winning ticket, and the fifth largest in the history ofMega Millions.

$ 390 million jackpot in March 2007 remains the largestever. She claimed two players in New Jerseyand Georgia.

Jackpot has almost reached that level again in January, whenhe slowly moved up to $ 380 million. Players in Idahoand Washingtonwon the prize.

Eddie Fisher's Ex-Wife Debbie Reynolds Praises Taylor

Eddie Fisher, pictured center, with his present wife, DebbieReynolds on the left of him in the photo and his presently to be wife of thelate Elizabeth Taylor, in his own right. Ex-wife of Eddie Fisher DebbieReynolds, may be known more for the scandal surrounding her marriage to EddieFisher and a friend of Elizabeth Taylor than it is for her acting credits.Elizabeth Taylor, who passed yesterday (3.23) due to congestive heart failurehad a lot of her old friends paying their condolences to the many accolades.

Debbie Reynolds was friends with Elizabeth Taylor for manyyears before her husband, Eddie Fisher left Debbie reportedly to marryElizabeth Taylor. two later reconciled and remained friends until now.

Debbie this talk now about Elizabeth. "God bless her, she is abetter place. I'm glad that she is from her pain because she was in severepain. It was good, you know, she's in heaven, and it is paradise, and she ishappy." "Elizabethhas always been a young, big star. We had a lot of fun together. I was at herwedding to Mike Todd, and passed through all its various turbulent times, and Ieven gave her my husband for the sake of God."

Elizabeth Taylor Quotes

The world of entertainment and movie lovers in common, stillreeling commencing the death of Elizabeth Taylor, one of the last trulyold-school Hollywood movie stars. As a lastglance back at the famous actress (beyond, you know, watching her movies), wegathered a group of her more-and often quite funny famous quotes. Gal wasdefinitely a way with words.

      "Success isa great deodorant. It takes away all your past smells. "

      "If it isnot to make the world better than what money?"

      "I've beenthrough it all, baby, I'm Mother Courage. "

      "I'm notworried about death. I consult with God, my maker. And I do not have manyproblems that turned out. I'm pretty square in any case."

Subway spaghetti

Video inoculation in a fight in New York City subway carbegan through a woman eating spaghetti, other than also led to a broader conversationabout what flaxen to put further people using community convey to the endduring the busy travel city, and where to draw the line.
Internet video with the purpose of shows New Yorkers fightfor the right passenger snack noodles to the subway fire in the debate aboutwhat people should or should not do in the largest public transportation systemof the country.
Some New York subwaypassengers are called for a ban on food products, such as those enforced in Washington, San Francisco and other cities. Port Trans-Hudson trains,which run between New York and New Jersey, alreadyprohibits food.

"I think it's bad when people eat," said SamRamos, as he boarded a train to the Bronx inMay. "They have to go elsewhere."

But at the other end of the car, John Augustine, dug intothe cup chili, and said that people should mind their own business.

"People will fight about all the things," saidAugustine. "Are we going to legislate against each of them?"

Littering, playing loud music and smoking in the subway. OnWednesday the chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runsthe city subway and bus, police said more problems to deal with than patrollingtrains for chowhounds too.

"We all have a responsibility to treat our system andour fellow subway riders with respect," chairman Jay Walder said."This system, which carries 5 million people a day, and I'm not sure thata ban on food is a very practical and enforceable."

MTA board member Andrew Albert said that such rules would becut in food sales at newsstands, which pay rent to the agency. But anotherboard member, Doreen Frasca, MTA has offered to impose rules on Manhattan's Second Avenue line,which is under development, as a pilot program.

Some riders have recently adopted compliance subwayetiquette in their hands. Last year, the artist Jason Shelowitz posted dozensof official-looking signs stations warning passengers not to cut the nails onthe subway.

"The sound is incredibly annoying and nail bits areflying everywhere," says Marks.

"Also, keep your finger from the nose," one signsaid.

Brooklyn designer,Elizabeth Carey Smith, watched, how many times people asked her to place passengerson eight subway lines, when she was pregnant. She posted a series of pie chartswith the results of online earlier this month. Train G, which connects Brooklynand Queens, was the worst, 1 and 6, which connects Manhattanand the Bronx, and skimming the Manhattan,Brooklyn and Queens were the best.
In recent months, an amateur video recorded the rats runningup the legs of sleeping passengers, pushing match between a passenger andwarring saxophonist, barreling along a commuter train track raised in Harlemwith one of its doors are open stuck.

Some riders thought spaghetti fight was staged. Most of themhave seen far worse offenders of etiquette than a noodle-nosher in the video,"said Metro rider Shash Lachhman.

"Once I saw someone have grilled chicken with nowipes," Lachhman said. "But I still do not think you rule againsthim."

Some iconic places every kid needs to see

Two years ago we chose the American rule,every child should see on Ellis Island in Redwood National Park.Our latest and enhanced 2011 list takes up the challenge even further, paying noticeto how the main attractions of our fatherland meet the children's shortattention span. From roasting marshmallows around the campfire to play dress-upin Monticello.

Grand Canyon (Arizona)
During the day, walks a 4-year surveillance,rounded, glass-bottomed observation deck, serving 70 feet above West Canyon Rimand sits 4000 meters above the Colorado River.Come sunset, struck the Grand Canyon Apache Stables, where, for $ 25.50 perperson, you can unit within one hour by horse-drawn wagon, which ends aroundthe campfire.
National Mall (DC)
Riding the streets of Washington,DC, in a ship on wheels may seem unpleasantbut cruising the Potomac River in one verysweet. Set in World War II era amphibious vehicle, a 90-minute DC Duck tourcovers both land and sea. The boat paused at Gravelly Point Park, located just a fewhundred meters from the runway at Reagan National DC at the airport, so you canwatch the roaring planes take off and land.
Redwood National Park (California)
Take a tour of the tide pool, everywhere growingbiologists can scramble among the rocks of coastal forests, while hunting forunderwater creatures such as orange and purple Ochre sea stars and sprawling,green anemones. Free tours are offered during the summer tide pools through Redwood National Park.
Ellis Island (N.Y.)
Between 1892 and 1924, more than 17 millionimmigrants approved through Ellis Island,today their descendants make up 40 percent of Americans. Go on the hunt foryour ancestors at Ellis Island Immigration Museum,where for $ 5 you can search through millions of records to find the exact dateof your relatives sailed into the port of New York, and whichship they were on and whether they traveled with other family members. (Bonus:a copy of your documents.) And do not miss the construction of the settling of America Center, a $ 20 million for constructionand scheduled to open in 2012.

What Syria's unrest means to world, U.S

The revolution in Libya,which caused the armed forces interference of the United States and its allies to avertthe brutal containment of the government, under enemy control headlines thisweek. Meanwhile, there are new excitements in another nation in the Middle East- one with the greatest possible strategic implications for the United States.

Can the regime of Syrian President Basharal-Assad set to go the way of dictatorship in Egypt and Tunisia, who weretoppled last month massive popular protests? And what does this mean for U.S?
What exactly is happening on the ground?

Mass protests against the government havebeen in progress given that last week, and on Wednesday, demonstrators in thesouthern city Dara'a were killed by al-Assad of safety, taking shelter in amosque. The number of victims has not been confirmed, but some witnesses haveput it higher than 100.
What are the complaints of protesters?

Like their counterparts in Egypt, Tunisia and other countries in the districtthe protesters want self-governing reforms - for example, more freedom forpolitical parties - as well as a more open press, an end to corruption andcronyism, increase economic opportunities and greater constitutional rights.
Syria hasbeen under emergency law since 1963 that allowed the government to arrestpeople without warrants and to make them without charge or trial.
How to respond to the U.S. so far?

Yesterday, the White House issued a declarationstrongly reproachful the attack on Wednesday and the arrests of human rightsactivists. State Department spokesman, said: "Words words, we obviouslylook for action .."
Moreover, the United States is interested in standing on the side of democracyand human rights and prevent a humanitarian crisis - one of the reasons for theintervention of Libya.If the mode is al-Assad had threatened mass killing on a scale which brieflybecame a possibility in Libya, the Obama administration and its allies arelikely under strong pressure to act, although their ability to maneuver wouldstill seem to be very limited. So far, however, we do not at this point.

Kayaker's rare come upon with titanic shark

kayaker made ​​a attractive bold move, offthe shoreline of Florida.He saw a vast shark, and jumped into the water!

Josh Reeves mechanism for the company's organizationtour sharks, so when he saw a unusual "basking shark" from Panama City to the seashore,he could not believe it. Basking sharks are very large 20 to 30 feet in length.

Reeves rowing tourists up to the sharks,then he jumped in.

local commercial fisherman was able to catchit all on video.

Reeves said that his canoe was about 14 feetin length, and the shark was more than twice the size of a kayak.

He said that he was not scared, because thiskind of sharks usually only eat krill and plankton.

Ohio man hit with $16.4 million cable Bill

You might have heard the story about a man breathingin a 14x60 trailer, which received a $ 12,864 thrilling bill, or a someone Corpus Christi which was position7.7 million of its water company, or Canadian mobile phone supplier whichstruck him behind $ 85,000 - the list really goes on and with no sign ofstopping. Now disgraceful bill receivers club a new member in DanielDeVirgilio.

Yes, based on the cable bill, whichDeVirgilio received this week, he is either the king of pay per view, or avictim of one of the most extreme of computerized billing glitches in thehistory of computer glitches in billing. Fortunately for him, it seems, is thelatest.

When you try people in Ohio to make the payment on your cable billTime Warner had rejected, he learned that the company expects its overdueamount more than $ 16 million.

"All I want to do is look at MarchMadness", DeVirgilio, whose bill usually runs about $ 80 a month, said theDayton Daily News. The paper says DeVirgilio did the math and concluded that hewould order 1.6 million on-demand movies or pay-per-view fight 400,000 times tosave 16.4 million dollars in expenses. But at least he is maintaining a senseof humor about all this.

"If I knew it, I would have boughtShowtime", DeVirgilio, an engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,said the Daily News. For its part, Time Warner issued a statement apologizingfor the mistake and said that they "will work with the client to get thisresolved."

Although the dollar amount of billing testDeVirgilio making it among the more glaring in recent years, all the kings ofthe payment incident should be a man of Texasand New Hampshireman is, who got quadrillion dollars credit card accounts in 2009. The first ofthem, John Force, received notice that he has a 17-figure sum, which amountedto nearly 2000 times the national debt: 23 quadrillion, 148 trillion 855billion, 308 million, 184 thousand and 500 dollars. Others, Josh Muszynski, hasbeen charged in 23 quadrillion after buying a pack of cigarettes at the gasstation.

Lindsay Lohan plans to change her name

Dina Lohan discovered that she and herdaughter Ali legitimately change their name to maiden name Sullivan. HoweverLindsay is scheduling to totally get rid of her name and just one name, approximatingCher and Madonna.

Lohan and Lindsay is just going on, "said Dean, adding that the performer is trying to distance himself from her separatedfather Michael Lohan, who was accused of assaulting his girlfriend.

Dina said Lindsay was thoughts aboutremoving her name for some time. But it was only after 2010 ad E-Trade TV,showing the child how to "that milkaholic Lindsay," the actressrealized she was no longer needed.
Meanwhile, Lohan is set to stand trial on chargesof stealing $ 2,500 necklace from a store in California.


Harry Houdini - American magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor and film producer

http://the-american-history.blogspot.com/Harry Houdini was a Hungarian-born American magician and escapologist, stunt performer, actor and film producer well-known for his sensational escape acts. He was also a skeptic who set out to depiction frauds purport to be supernatural phenomena. He performed in dime museums and sideshows, and still doubled as "The Wild Man" at a circus. Houdini focused originally on traditional card tricks. At a point, he billed himself as the "King of Cards". But he soon began experiment with escape acts.

He was never cleared how Houdini control to escape from his bonds. Arthur Conan Doyle counts him a medium that only perform as a prestidigitator. It is unspecified that Houdini swallowed the key to the handcuffs and won it back through vomiting unseen by his audiences, as he forever escaped from his bonds in a hidden place. Harry Houdini died of peritonitis, secondary to a rupture appendix. Eyewitnesses to an event in Montreal gave rise to speculation that Houdini's death was caused by a McGill University student, J. Gordon Whitehead, who delivered many blows to Houdini's abdomen to test Houdini's claim that he was capable to take any blow to the body above the waist without injury.


Born Name

Erik Weisz

Date Of Birth

March 24, 1874

Place Of Birth

Budapest, Austria-Hungary


Magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor, historian, film producer, pilot, debunker

Date Of Death

October 31, 1926

Place Of Death

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

dancing with the stars season 12

Dancing with the stars 2011, dancing with the stars, dwts, petra nemcova, dwts season 12:Most Overrated never shows a second season. Do not get me wrong, competition reality show, but love for two hours? How, really? Unnecessary if you ask me. However, one thing: Kirstie Alley around not F * C! Between these two, Karate Kid Ralph Macchio and NFL player Hines Ward was in the super impressed! They dance with their rifle butts, and that's because most of the points. Good for dancers will never be one of them is bound to. Meanwhile, some of the most underwhelming performance radio talk show host Mike Catherwood and television personality Wendy Williams has been given. In fact, Wendy's surprised me. Not only an emotional disorder, Dance Dance Revolution competition, that they * SS or something was trying to give half looked like. She was crying and whatnot. Useless. However, I think judges are very easy. In general, nothing unexpected happened in the premiere. Same old show with new peeps. But if it is yours.

Derek Hough on Twitter

Of course, the first season of "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday, 21 March, it was Kirstie Alley, Ralph Macchio and more, but there was one notable absence: a fan favorite Pro Derek Hough.

    Derek joined the show in season 5 and she has appeared in every season since. He chose to participate in the twelfth season of the hit ABC show. Most of the other pros back then what a beautiful blonde?

Derek, 25, will play a major role in the new movie "Cobu 3D", which hits theaters in 2012. The film goes into production next month, making it impossible for Hugh to have enough time for shows and movies. Good news for fans of shots Hugh: It will play a dancer in the movie.

That is the subject of the movie? A pair of Star-Crossed dancers in New York that are in the center of an intense rivalry between the clubs of their brothers underground dance.

Do not worry, it is reported that Derek will return for season 13 of "MSR".

Did you miss today, Derek visitors?

3D Concert Clash

Simon Cowell Putting Together AMAZING Group To Make Song For Japan!!!

See, Gilbert…this is an example of showing SUPPORT for a country that's experienced a tragedy.

Simon Cowell has announced via Twitter that he's putting together one hell of a group to make a song for Japan.

Here's what he tweeted about it yesterday:
Ok, For What Has Happened In #Japan I Will Be Getting Loads Of Singers To Do A Song For It, @justinbieber @britneyspears @katyperry And More
And here's what he tweeted today:
We Now Have More Singer's To The Song @JLSOfficial @onedirection @ollyofficial @katyperry @justinbieber@jessiejofficial @CherLloyd And More

Want Some Of Justin Bieber's Hair???

Find out how YOU can win Justin Bieber's hair (above)!

Yanina Wickmayer Sport Gallery

Yanina Wickmayer Sport Gallery
Yanina Wickmayer Sport Gallery
Yanina Wickmayer Sport Gallery
Yanina Wickmayer Sport GalleryYanina Wickmayer Sport Gallery

Kevin Garnett Total Basket Ball

Kevin Garnett Total Basket Ball
Kevin Garnett Total Basket Ball
Kevin Garnett Total Basket Ball
Kevin Garnett Total Basket Ball
Kevin Garnett Total Basket BallKevin Garnett Total Basket Ball

Kevin Garnett (lahir di Mauldin, South Carolina, Amerika Serikat, 19 Mei 1976; umur 34 tahun) adalah pemain bola basket professional Amerika Serikat yang saat ini bermain untuk klub NBA Boston Celtics dan berposisikan power forward. Ia biasa dipanggil "KG", "The Big Ticket", dan "The Kid" dan memiliki tinggi 211 cm dan berat 100 kg. Dia juga masih memegang rekor NBA yang dalam semusim mampu mencetak paling sedikit 20,0 points, 10,0 rebounds, dan 5,0 assists (per game).

Source : Wikipedia.com