April Fools Day Pranks

As we get ready for the jokes in this year's April FoolsDay, Americans believe of what to expect. If you plan to be a hoax of April andnot Foolee, here are some ideas:

Areas Fool came up with a good idea. They recommend paying alittle nail polish on the wax paper. When drying paint, remove and place on animportant document of your friend. Expect horrified look on their faces whenthey see it.

Funmuch.com came up with an April Fool. The night beforeApril 1, take a shower shower head and place the head lifeguard. The nextmorning, when they shower they will not notice anything, until they begin todry. They should go back to get rid of again.

World of children was a great idea. They offered to putGummy bears in the interior of Apple (s). Give them to your friends and family.You can use other fruits, but apples are the most effective.
April Fools History

Although there are references to April 1 of insanity in theCanterbury Tales 1392, the celebration took place before the 16 th century.This is not a holiday and the holiday lasts only until noon in the UK, New Zealand,Australia and South Africa. United States,it can last all day.

Web site, the Museum of hoaxes, and studied the informalside. They took the top 100 hoaxes. Their number was a joke in 1957 when theBBC announced that the warm weather and a terrible spaghetti weevil eliminationof the production of spaghetti harvest in Switzerland.