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It was reported that Chris Brown left New York and indoors in Los Angeles on Friday. On Friday, he and his publicistTammy Brook, also dispersed.

Previous this week, Chris Brown was annoyed explosion afterhis conference with Good Morning America, when questions began to deal with itssadistic incident with Rihanna. Brown gets a lot of bad press just now, and nowsays that he and his publicist parted.

Brook argues that the Good Morning America incident was notthe main reason that this happened. According to MSNBC, she did not evenparticipate in arranging interviews, and her main job is to promote his latestalbum. Since the album was released on Tuesday, she feels that her work ismostly done.

Brown reportedly broke a window on Good Morning America whenasked questions about Britney Spears, saying that he was not prepared for theinterview take this turn. He has since apologized through various media.