Harry Houdini - American magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor and film producer

http://the-american-history.blogspot.com/Harry Houdini was a Hungarian-born American magician and escapologist, stunt performer, actor and film producer well-known for his sensational escape acts. He was also a skeptic who set out to depiction frauds purport to be supernatural phenomena. He performed in dime museums and sideshows, and still doubled as "The Wild Man" at a circus. Houdini focused originally on traditional card tricks. At a point, he billed himself as the "King of Cards". But he soon began experiment with escape acts.

He was never cleared how Houdini control to escape from his bonds. Arthur Conan Doyle counts him a medium that only perform as a prestidigitator. It is unspecified that Houdini swallowed the key to the handcuffs and won it back through vomiting unseen by his audiences, as he forever escaped from his bonds in a hidden place. Harry Houdini died of peritonitis, secondary to a rupture appendix. Eyewitnesses to an event in Montreal gave rise to speculation that Houdini's death was caused by a McGill University student, J. Gordon Whitehead, who delivered many blows to Houdini's abdomen to test Houdini's claim that he was capable to take any blow to the body above the waist without injury.


Born Name

Erik Weisz

Date Of Birth

March 24, 1874

Place Of Birth

Budapest, Austria-Hungary


Magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor, historian, film producer, pilot, debunker

Date Of Death

October 31, 1926

Place Of Death

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.