Ohio man hit with $16.4 million cable Bill

You might have heard the story about a man breathingin a 14x60 trailer, which received a $ 12,864 thrilling bill, or a someone Corpus Christi which was position7.7 million of its water company, or Canadian mobile phone supplier whichstruck him behind $ 85,000 - the list really goes on and with no sign ofstopping. Now disgraceful bill receivers club a new member in DanielDeVirgilio.

Yes, based on the cable bill, whichDeVirgilio received this week, he is either the king of pay per view, or avictim of one of the most extreme of computerized billing glitches in thehistory of computer glitches in billing. Fortunately for him, it seems, is thelatest.

When you try people in Ohio to make the payment on your cable billTime Warner had rejected, he learned that the company expects its overdueamount more than $ 16 million.

"All I want to do is look at MarchMadness", DeVirgilio, whose bill usually runs about $ 80 a month, said theDayton Daily News. The paper says DeVirgilio did the math and concluded that hewould order 1.6 million on-demand movies or pay-per-view fight 400,000 times tosave 16.4 million dollars in expenses. But at least he is maintaining a senseof humor about all this.

"If I knew it, I would have boughtShowtime", DeVirgilio, an engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,said the Daily News. For its part, Time Warner issued a statement apologizingfor the mistake and said that they "will work with the client to get thisresolved."

Although the dollar amount of billing testDeVirgilio making it among the more glaring in recent years, all the kings ofthe payment incident should be a man of Texasand New Hampshireman is, who got quadrillion dollars credit card accounts in 2009. The first ofthem, John Force, received notice that he has a 17-figure sum, which amountedto nearly 2000 times the national debt: 23 quadrillion, 148 trillion 855billion, 308 million, 184 thousand and 500 dollars. Others, Josh Muszynski, hasbeen charged in 23 quadrillion after buying a pack of cigarettes at the gasstation.