Selena Confesses Why She’s Attracted To A Younger Man!

Even though Selena is more than a year older than her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, she told Ryan Seacrest she actually is younger than he is at heart!

At first, seeing Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber together as a couple was weird. The 18-year-old starlet seems so much more mature than the then-16-year-old pop star! However, Selena explained to Ryan Seacrest what makes her relationship with a younger guy work.
Before the world premiere of her single “Who Says,” March 8, Ryan asked Selena how it feels to now be an adult and her response was surprising.
“I feel 15,” she admitted. “I’m so young. I really am.”
We love Justin, but we couldn’t get our heads around why Selena — who seems wise beyond her years — was dating someone nearly two years her junior. Now it all makes sense!
Even though Justin and Selena have been spotted kissing, holding hands and staying in the same hotel (to name a few), Selena is STILL staying mum about her relationship. Watch the interview below to see how she dodges the question about Justin once again. She’s turning into quite the ninja!