Selena Gomez FINALLY Admits: I’m Dating Justin Bieber!

During a radio interview with Z100, Selena confirmed her relationship for the first time and even explained why she sympathizes with her haters!

After months of dodging the question like a ninja, Selena Gomez FINALLYdropped the bomb we’ve all known for awhile: she IS Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. However, before you start tweeting hate messages, the 18-year-old starlet wants you to know she understands why you’re upset about them dating and she’s been there before herself.
“I loved Jesse McCartney,” she explained on Z100 March 14. “I was obsessed with him. He dated Katie Cassidy when he was 16 or 17. I hated her, absolutely hated her. I was mortified that he was with Katie and I wanted to be with him. He was my screen-saver!”
She added, “I just did a movie (Monte Carlo) with Katie Cassidy and she was the nicest person ever.”
Even though she sympathizes with Beliebers who are upset about her relationship, Selena is still struggling with the haters (which was evident just one day before when Selena looked miserable at the airport).
“It’s hard,” Selena admitted. ”It hurts, it really does. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong. I’ve been best friends with him for a very long time. It does hurt my feelings a lot but I try not to focus on it. I have a strong family and great fans.”
We feel badly Selena and Justin, 17, get their feelings hurt by passionate fans, but maybe now Selena has opened up, Beliebers will support them more. Justin and Selena were first spotted out at an IHOP date in December and she’s denied being anything more than friends ever since.