2011 NFL Mock Draft: Weekly Mock Draft Roundup

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The last fraction of Wade Barrett, was aimed at the two biggest superstars of Smackdown. . . literally and figuratively. . . in Kane and Big Show. One of their heinous attacks on the duo saw the quartet put the Big Show with a table and declare an attack Kane with the steps, a steel ring. When the WWE Tag Team Champions, current members of the Correspondent Gabriel and Justin Heath Slater tried to do the same with the former Tag Team Champion Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, and they succeeded. . . if it were not for Big Show and Kane charging the ring to stop the Beatdown to take place.

Now that fits. . . Featuring the Intercontinental Championship Barrett Team Champions Slater and Gabriel, the powerful and Ezekiel Jackson will have on a hodgepodge of superstars. It became known today, however, that Le Reporter attacked Kozlov WWE Fan Axxess in the afternoon in Atlanta, and high-flying Kofi Kingston will replace him in this match.

Although Santini, perhaps my favorite character overall today WWE. . . and you must give the man his interviews are great, and it went from an average worker's damn good one, while retaining his sense of humor. . . Corr so will try to continue to be the dominant faction, they need a victory over a team with the star power of The Big Show, Kane, and Kingston.