American Idol Season 10 Premiere

The long-awaited (well, at least in my house) "American Idol" first this Wednesday night. The season begins with 10 plays in New Jersey. And no, JWoww Snooki and will not be there, so just calm people down.

Frankly, I do not know how I feel about "American Idol" this season. With the radical overhaul of the table and favorite cranky judge of all, Simon Cowell, and it all disappeared. But I'm quite looking forward to it now. Even if nothing else just to see how Steven Tyler will do. You know, he will drop something?

American Idol Win is no guarantee

It seems only yesterday that cutie Chicago, Lee DeWyze, took home the coveted season 9. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell where the "American Idol" win the case. While many agree that Lee DeWyze definitely deserved to win last season, have not we heard about it.

In contrast, Carrie Underwood, who opened fire on the door faster than lightning, greased and became a superstar in country music - at least. It's really too little unhappy. Many of them bring their talents to legitimate the table, but there is no guarantee of commercial success.

Case and point: Taylor Hicks. Remember him? Exactly. Not many do. But I remember a fever pitch buzz around the white-haired, blue-eyed soul winner of season 5. I fell hard for Taylor Hicks. Although, sometimes with his spastic Cocker-esque eccentric and Joe, Dancing all over the map, it was difficult to know whether I should laugh or be afraid. But in the end, the boy could sing, and America won "American Idol" victory.

But that was about Taylor Hicks. There were rumors that he fought with her label Execs on the type of music he wanted to put on his first CD. (Although he probably should consult with Kelly Clarkson on the fact that you will never get well ..) Then - poof - just like that, he was gone.

In fact, just another wave after Taylor Hicks, who was in Hawaii with the so-called "secret girlfriend" and a brief and uncomplicated to work on Broadway in 2008.

Then there is Fantasia Barrino. Enough said.

It's not always talent - or winning

Some "American Idol" former continued to have a lucrative career, even if they do not take first place and are not, some might argue, is especially talented in the first place. Take Kelly Pickler, for example. Also from season 5, Kelly was added to its history more tragic and lovely person his vocal chops.

Yes, she can customize, but not very far. Nevertheless, she has a career in rock music law firm of Nashville, along with powerful vocals, Carrie Underwood. So I go.

On the other hand, is bright, but undeniably talented, Adam Lambert, lost season 8 of cute, but much less powerful singer, Chris Allen. Adam Lambert, as we all know someone who happened to be a brilliant career. Kris Allen? Not so much.

Therefore, you might win when it comes to "American Idol" is that the talent in his hand, and some in the right place at the right time. Or, as in the case of Kelly Pickler, rather "dumb blonde" routine to push you to the top.

I think that season 10 will be a turning point for "American Idol". On which side it will be largely determined by the chemistry of judges, rather than competitors. Except, of course, another smoke Casey James comes out. (Whoa) In this case, I'm in the long term. Sanjaya at other times not hurt either.

"American Idol" Season 10 will be televised on FOX, January 19 at 8:00 EST.