Anderson Cooper slams- Snooki for being paid to 'show up & throw up'

Anderson Cooper tired of people paying Snooki "Snooki just be." Host of "Anderson Cooper 360" are not skimped on Tuesday night show completely obedient "burden" of people over the bifurcation of large sums for the appearance of Jersey Shore "party girl.

Snooki called "incredibly lucky, extremely bold, whimsical tan, beer lovers, hugging juicehead, love muscle, the body of the machine Botero, half-liter of money," Cooper desperate Rutgers University to pay $ 32,000 to speak on campus last month .

He also said Snook and his other "Jersey Shore" castmates will be $ 100.000 per episode of the fourth season of the show.

"If you listen carefully you can hear the teacher in schools across the country is crying right now," he said.

Cooper, 43, a punch coming, adding that the amount is "about 2,857 tanning, and that she probably needs a year."

$ 32000 Snooki received for her appearance at Rutgers in March is $ 2000 more than the university will pay the Nobel author Toni Morrison for its entry into force of this address in May. Taking note of the storm that erupted after the announcement of the surface shape, Cooper said he will analyze the literary achievement of the pair.

Cooper read a passage penetrating Morrison "blue eyes" to the mischievous, comparing it with a quote from the "Shore Thing," Snooki book released in January.

"And I quote," he said: "Any reduction Juicehead get some nuts and bacne".

Extending the final burden of the name Cooper 23 years, the emergence of the club - reported $ 25.000 - "show, and quit spending."

At the end of the roll to stress that consumer star reality shows, dance, fall, and generally be "Snook," Cooper looked at his desk in mock exasperation.

As if by the end of the slightly more positive note, he added, "I'm not saying it's not very interesting. I'm not saying it's not worth the money. All I mean, you really don 't spend tens of thousands of dollars to get on your Snooki. You just have basic cable. "