Bellator 39 results: Matt Saunders bloody with Ben Lee

UFC veteran Ben Saunders completely dominated the game is Matt Lee in a fight at 175 pounds to open weight variable Bellator 39. The ring doctor had to stop the bout at 1:23 into the third round after Saunders opened the huge wound over his left eye Lee.

Lee Saunders argued with body kicks before the end of ntehe OPE. Lee is charged shocks for trying to close the distance between the slender Saunders. Saunders said his fists and looked for the clinch. Saunders got the Thai plum and started throwing knees to the body. Lee was slowed down and hook over the action. More knees to the body of Saunders before the break. Saunders took Lee with a right hook that intervene in Korea, and then follow with a melee. From there he was over his knees to the body of Lee. Lee escaped. Saunders pursued him. Saunders came back a few shots, that is, once again clinch. They are in dead-end up and down to bleeding stalemate Lee Saunders pushed. Saunders landed another pair of right hooks, then there is a plum new Thai before launching a flurry of knees.

Saunders came out aggressive and once again plums. More knees followed by a high kick and a little more than hooks. They parted, and Lee went out for some body blows. Saunders countered straight left and then shot in the groin accidentally. After the break, Lee caught a kick in the leg and tried to ride, but failed. Saunders got the plum time and landed a knee to the face. Lee was able to get separation, and they exchanged blows with a bloody Lee to step forward aggressively. Lee went on one leg. but what exactly led him to eat more uppercuts. Saunders mixed elbows and knees as permanent investments, but I keep pressing forward. Actions slowed in the last minute, but bloody Lee hooked.

Between rounds the doctor examined the ring closely, but Lee let the action continue.

Saunders began kicking the body and then forced a clinch again. Knees and elbows more, he opened a huge wound over his left eye Lee. The referee stopped the action with just over 3:30 left in the round and the doctors called the fight.

UFC veteran Saunders debuted Bellator after cleaning up a small victory in the rally after a cut from last August after advancing 4-3 in UFC.

Lee, 39 years old with 10 years of experience in MMA, has already lost against Eddie Alvarez and Jorge Masvidal.