Bellator 39 results: Rick Hawn squeaked past Lyman Good

Rick Hawn took a split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28) at Lyman Well, to win the first semifinal of the tournament in the welterweight Bellator 2011.

Hone will face the winner of Jay Hieron and Brent Weedman to Bellator next 40 weeks.

Hohn pushed back a double blow. Then he turned right and pushed the cage. Hohn knelt before his feet well. Hohn created Underhook twice. Good answer with a knee to the head. They parted in the trade shocks and other tribes of the well. Hone on trial for the journey, and then left. Hohn landed his right hand. Good jabs and hooks. Hohn done well to come up with an uppercut. Others. Hohn forced a clinch and pushed back to the cell. Hohn landed knees and punches, and then went on a trip. Good to avoid. They parted, and landed right high kick. Hohn down blow tried to raise the best diving in.

Good opened the second blow. A good load for a barrage of punches, but Hawn took the opportunity to land a good trip, and laid on his back. Hone on the right side to deal with the good. Hohn landed several top left. Hohn ate upkick but countered attacks from above. Hawn has flirted with a can opener and landed a few hammer fists. Hone made no effort to care. Hohn threw a flurry of right hands to the body and head.

They went into the third to suggest that they were still in one round each. Hohn supported with good legs aggressive. Hohn landed a hard right hand. Well, it seemed, the fear of withdrawal ranged Hawn. Replicated with a good uppercut, but kept his distance. Hohn forcing melee and tried to trip. Well, he fought back and landed on one knee. Received a good kicking hard. Hone with backfist body blow Combo, a good answer right hand. Hohn forced another clash later landed a right hand and backed away. Good Hawn peppermint fists and stepped back. Hawn tried to make another trip. Hohn move toward one leg, but got nothing. Hohn threw lap attachment. Hawn, finally got to take it to the end of the round. Will be a difficult decision.