Brian Regan comedian Wiki

Brian Regan is a comedian. Regan uses observational humor, sarcastic, and self-mockery, and its performance is relatively "clean" as he refrains from profanity and humor in bad taste. Regan's material typically covers everyday events, such as delivery of a package with UPS and a visit to an eye doctor. Regan makes frequent references to his childhood, including little league baseball, the class spelling schools and research projects. Its clean, outside the center of the comedy was hailed by critics and contemporaries as Regan and enjoys the fans, which crosses the trend setters for young people in middle age, he is respected in the comedy community for being "a comic universal" His work was applauded by such sources as diverse as well as Comedy Central, Slate, onions, and Wall Street Journal.

A member of comedian Patton Oswalt wrote in his blog [citation needed] that Regan is "the best comedian working today, praising his versatility and ability to find novel targets of humor in the comedy classic:

Brian Regan's comedy hits me. It amazes me, because he can start on the road with the premise that every comedian knows not a piece of flesh left on its bones, and find new angles of attack, which gives the meat the comic. "