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It was the first time in six weeks that MS Dhoni could be heard making what can only be described as laughter. Typically, autonomous Indian captain arrived at the press conference room, underground, World Cup medal around his neck, the man-of-tournament Yuvraj Singh on his side, and turned into someone else.

Twisted in a knot of concentration and anxiety for six weeks during the World Cup, now that the title was won, Dhoni suddenly discovered that he could let all the tension go, take a step back from the edge, and relax. Not once in the conversation 25 minutes, Dhoni fell in joy, clutching a microphone to his forehead, because he could not remember the first two questions of time was requested. Or it could be because one of the questions, wanted his reaction to some public sentiment that he must now try to run the country.

As a rule, he answered questions in English only, even if the application in Hindi. But on Saturday night, Dhoni turned once more languages ​​he spoke about the strains that his team was under the World Cup.

"The pressure you go through a lot, we felt throughout the whole tournament," he said before describing what it was like inside the bubble the Indian team. "If you ask players, they do not eat because of anxiety. No pressure, but anxiety. There will be food in front of you, but you would not like to eat."

To find a way to cope with nervousness, "Dhoni said the players were trying to deal with nerves so different." We were told to avoid it, do it, do it, but the strain was always felt. However, all the team were, Dhoni said, finally got good. "The type of the additional responsibility that each and everything was cool that we wanted to achieve;. We are in his eyes last year and a half ago. "

Sitting beside him was Yuvraj, the player who reflects the efficiency of recruitment in India and the anxiety they experienced on their way to become the first team to win the World Cup final at home. When asked how Dhoni Yuvraj was in the locker room during the tournament, he replied with a smile: "It was a lot of vomiting, and then answer the question.

Yuvraj said ESPNcricinfo, when crossing the Wankhede to return to his box, he was physically ill several times during the tournament. "Anxiety anxiety," he said. "It was the World Cup and that anxiety can be very severe."

Burden that Yuvraj and his teammates carried about in the past six weeks, suddenly ceased to exist after the final. Everything was transformed into lightness. When he entered the conference hall of the press, Yuvraj set the scene, loudly shouted to journalists: ". Badhaiyaan ho, ho badhaiyaan [congratulations, greetings]" During the session, the two men exchange jokes, and in the end, Yuvraj heard in the ear of his captain in Hindi. "The short answer, please?"

Dhoni is not given particularly short answers, except when he kills a question with a joke. He spoke with clarity what was happening in his head after hitting the slopes to win. "Emotionally, I was embarrassed, and I wanted to [stock] to stop." But he was in center field with Yuvraj on the other end. "I thought we cuddle-VUG later, first to the gate." Then he ran to his end, to remove stumps, Yuvraj then jumped on him, pulling him in a bear hug. "It was a thrilling moment," said Dhoni. "I was confused, I do not know what to do at the time, how to show their emotions."

Decision to promote pre-order in the form of Yuvraj also said, Dhoni, was placed under a certain type of pressure because of the risk the consequences. "It was a great decision, I knew that if I promote and not scoring runs, I wondered why I could not stay back?" If I contributed will be two batsmen left after me and if I'm on the side might have been sick ".

He said that the decision was based on the logic that Gambhir was batting well, all Dhoni would need to rotate the strike. In addition, India knew the dew factor will kick in and Dhoni thought the advantage of being able to read from Muttiah Muralitharan Doosra. "I have not played with Murali [to Moscow Super Kings], and I know his Doosra very well and he knows it too. I could put some pressure on him"

The advantage of working with a well-Gambhir - their partnership, which dates back to their days in India, 2003-2004 - also tipped the decision to promote himself. "We are not simple, but risky to try to convert one or six runs in two innings. It was a great combination, and we were batting together after a long period of time. We ran well and supported each other. We knew if we did play close enough to Powerplay left, we would like to achieve the goal, even if the track should be eight. "

Dhoni is currently the most successful captain India in the fight for limited overs, winning two Twenty20 World Cup and the world, and when asked to explain his success, he laughed. "I was lucky. I always get good players. The players have responded to me, even if this is a test side, where there were older players who were part of a person before I started playing for India. Then the young men came to the great contribution, they were ready to give over 100%. "He said that" the nature of individuals [the team], which allowed us to win this trophy. "

India win renovated interior Wankhede stadium, where there is now built on a high and power was reduced to 33,000. On Saturday night, however, the sound is amplified with established partnerships for the third and fourth wickets increased. The crowd, Dhoni said, gave the force of drummers. "During the company-Gambhir Coley, never raced applauded as if it were the border."

Dew on the ground have helped the Indian batsmen as well as relaxation of the counter. But the key efforts Dhoni together. "It was a game under pressure, but everyone has contributed. When you share the pressure, then it becomes easy."

India's performance in the World Cup, Dhoni said, was based on a plan that was born 18 months ago, and was the result of rest and rotate players methodically. "We wanted to win the trophy for each other first the first thing to do is give them [teammates and support staff] happiness .. To see it in their eyes"

He said that instead of having to increase the number of people for whom Russia should be won, the team said. "So we will concentrate and keep it a little if you do well and win the World Cup, the whole country share."