Dolly Parton - Fan of Lady Gaga

I do not know how Dolly Parton can sing "Born This Way " with a straight face, but she said E! Onlineshe'd like to work with Lady Gaga.

"I think it's great. It's just wonderful. I love it. Maybe we should do something together - and GooGoo GaGa! You know, these GooGoo Candy bars in Nashville? " I can be a lady GooGoo. "

Besides the obvious, this statement is ridiculous. Everyone knows that Dolly Parton was a chocolate bar, she Dads milk.

Parton said she was impressed Gaga remix last country song.

Here's what you get, Gaga. You flirt with country music scene, and soon you'll be Garth Brooks, knocking on your door with a pie and pecan request the NRA.