Final Four Score - Kentucky Basketball Vs. UConn

If this game can be compared to fighting for the heavyweight title, then Kemba Walker, UConn took the lead after the first round. UConn took the lead from 31-21 at the half against Kentucky, with Walker in the lead with nine points and six gears.

Kentucky at the door looking husky and forcing six revolutions in the beginning. Wildcats failed to build the lead from these sales and UConn answered 10-0 run later in the half. Husky defense took at the end of the second half of Kentucky forced to agree to long jump shots. Wildcats shot only 28% in the first half, including to 12.2 from three-point range.

Walker opens up nine points for the Huskies and Jeremy Lamb added eight points away from you. UConn shot a sizzling 52% in the first half.

Terrance Jones led Kentucky with nine points, and Brandon Knight of Knight added September 03/11 just fought on the ground. Josh Harrellson managed many records affected only by two points and one rebound while picking up two fouls in the first half.