Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds trainer went to jail

Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds trainer went to jail rather than talk with the government about Barry Bonds alleged use of steroids and doping, he said he thought oil flax. Brian McNamee, former trainer of Clemens, told the people to join in the Mitchell report for baseball on steroids and other drugs in baseball all that they wanted to know what McNamee said Clemens was drugs. Why, because McNamee did not go to jail for Roger Clemens.
If you want to know why bad news for Barry Bonds on Wednesday - a conviction for the crime of obstruction of justice - was bad news for Clemens, too, begin there. Bonds are lucky that Anderson would prefer to do the time than to talk with the federal government, because if he gave evidence at the trial of the Bonds, it is likely that the bonds would fall on the three counts against him, three to one for perjury and obstruction.

While McNamee is a problem for Clemens. a medical certificate, this time, blood and syringes McNamee kept, and MRI of Clemens abscess on his buttocks while he was still pitching for the Blue Jays, that the prosecution will say, this is where the steroids were combined.

The case against Bonds started because the government believes that he lied while they were investigating the Bay Area BALCO lab called for the production and distribution of drugs in 2002. They were not after Bonds, BALCO, they were after, and because of this case, Victor Conte - who founded BALCO - not a prison, and therefore it is Greg Anderson.

Clemens? He is accused of lying to Congress. That's why he was charged with one count of obstruction, three counts of making false statements, two counts of perjury. Lawyers bonds were confident that the government could not build a case against Bonds on anything, not without evidence, Greg Anderson, who they did not call a single witness. It will be different for Clemens, who now seems to be harder than ever.

Not only conviction appeal McNamee, not only have additional medical evidence against Clemens, there is a problem for him, the guy who will be the star prosecution witness as much as Brian McNamee. Source: