jamie oliver food revolution

Last season, Jamie Oliver tried to open the eyes of the most unhealthy city in America, Huntington, West Virginia. This season, he set his sights even higher - in sunny Los Angeles, California. But for a city that loves to throw the camera, he has met with strong resistance. Los Angeles painting a healthy lifestyle, but underneath the glitz and glamor of the epidemic, fueled by an unhealthy school lunch programs and a boom in fast food business. LAUSD public was denied the right to shoot at the school or talk with students about their programs of food. So it will pass the word to make the Board of Education to reconsider its decision. It began with a visit to KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest (producer of the show) to try to get her parents to Los Angeles to do in schools. They were calls from all over the city with their parents, siblings, friends, everyone is talking about the poor choice of meals and snacks in schools.

In Huntington, they created a kitchen, Jamie's where the locals can always get a free healthy cooking classes and nutrition information. He created a kitchen in Los Angeles for Jamie, with a request to bring a lunch box for their children. If he can not go into the dining room, it will bring food for him. After viewing and bags of processed food is the worst he had ever seen, even after last season in West Virginia.

This is not surprising that some schools obsesity the figure is 80% of all food produced in the city center, and then packed and shipped to schools. Children on the merits of air consumption of food every day in age from 4 to 18 years.
 In the kitchen, he gave a demonstration to show where the meat originated. He is a living cow, and showed that the reduction comes from what parts of the cow and how each section of the value. Scoring on all parties, he left with pieces of fat that are unsuitable for making it to the reduction and human nutrition. Usually it is used to chow dog food and animals, because they were considered unfit for human consumption at high risk of E. coli and Salmonella.
However, in America, these parts are "pink slime" through the process of separating the meat, clean it with chemicals to get rid of all harmful bacteria, then ground again to look like real food. But the "pink slime" is allowed in all schools in America USDA. In his demonstration awful, he was able to use the washing machine and house hold cleaning products such as ammonia, to return to the contaminated meat in the "pink slime" that looked like ground beef. This "pink slime" in 70% of the production of minced meat and allowed 15% in any one meal or cake. It is not, as an ingredient because it is considered a "process" so that they do not list ammonia on the packaging. Currently, there is nothing on the label to indicate that the meat from the United States. The only way to really be avoided "pink slime" is to look at the butcher grind the meat in front of you.

As a father of four children, the fight against childhood obsesity is personal. This season, he brought his family to Los Angeles together and even his young daughter to understand that the LAUSD is not due to leave school because they have something to hide, and do not want it told the world how bad the situation really is.
At an open meeting of the Council, once again Jamie tries to lead the Council to allow them in schools. After 3 minutes, Spiel, they go through his head of catering, and then director of communications. This is just a roundabout way to get it out of the meeting and his brush. The entire LAUSD facility to enclose it.
In addition to his work with the school, she would look at a fast food restaurant in Los Angeles. Fast food really was since the last 60 years, and he began in Los Angeles. Major fast food chains have his name close as LAUSD, but it will take a look at Peter's Burgers, an independent channel.
As the owner, Deno, nothing to hide, he was certainly want to change anything. He did not take anything on the menu, and it was very sweet syrup used to flavor cocktails instead of fresh fruit. The goal is to make it a healthy menu, do not change it completely. But, this restaurant is how his family survives, if the changes affect the sale of Jamie it will affect their lives.
He received his hamburgers Peter Power analyzed and they range from 850 to 1100 calories. So, to cut calories, it brought the Black Angus beef that has been grass-fed and taken for tahini mayonnaise yogurt. Although Deno liked the taste of Burger, the cost is just too much. Jamie meat was $ 1.67 for Patty, Deno was about the same for the entire book.
Then he tried to go to the yogurt ice cream shakes, but then he had a good taste, Deno do not think that a milkshake at all. He can sell yogurt sauce and call it a milkshake. In addition, he openly admitted that he never used the milkshake flavored syrup for their children, but he agrees with this service for their customers. And there is a problem with the mentality of American food.
To try to find good news in Los Angeles, he stopped at the California School Nutrition Association events. The first red flag sign flavored milk. With the financial support of the Council of milk, they tried to say that this is a good thing to have a flavored milk in school. But this milk sugar as much soda!
Hostility and stubbornness has inspired him to create his own panel of flavored milk. He waited in long lines, but only about 25 people came. For this demonstration was a school bus filled with sugar, which is a week of flavored milk consumed in LAUSD schools. He filled the bus to the brim, and only 1 / 3 of the course. When all was done, 57 tons of sugar filled the bus and created a huge pile that surrounds it.

He thought he was a hard life in Huntington, but here he just turned a cold shoulder facilities and a warm response from the community. Tune in next week to see how Jamie Oliver manages the continued hostility of LAUSD and is able to work with Max training in Los Angeles.