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Latest news U.S. Federal Government shutdown looms as Obama and John Boehner battle for budget and funding for family planning.
2:30: What effect has the U.S. government's shutdown of the global status of the U.S.? Other Council on Foreign Relations Sebastian Mallaby tells CNN how it might affect American foreign policy to shutdown:

   I think there are two channels for discussion. The First reputation, if, that their political system is so dysfunctional GM can not even keep them open in the government, so that kind of ally you can trust? " allies around the world watching the U.S. and say:

    I do not want to tell this story, because everything the government does not significantly including armed forces personnel will be furloughed and any possible interference, probably will not last very long, but I think there is some additional cost America's reputation - its integrity and competence .

14:15: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he is trying something in the Senate Republicans on the finance bill could be short - the continuation of appropriations request.

But the great thing is that the Republican leadership to address yesterday, agreeing to a $ 78bn in cuts, but is now back to the dealer. He explains that "John Boehner problems with his caucus" - suggests that Boehner could give House Republicans.

This may seem like a bank manager, but Harry Reid, a useful feature inserts heels.

14:08: Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, speaking at a press conference of the Democratic - and blames the Republicans, who want to close the federal government over women's access to health services.

"If it sounds ridiculous, it's because it is," said Reed, who lists risk of asthma: the collapse of U.S. GDP, damage to American intelligence, commitments to allies around the world.

Reed stated that the Smithsonian Institute, "one of the largest museums in the world," will swell down at midnight. "And all because of women's access to health services."
14:00: The Senate Democrats who are still alive, mass press conference to talk about the budget battle. Democratic senators on the scene, and they all look very happy - but that's because they're on TV, resulting in Senators are always welcome.

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13:43: Federal employees have been let go is not even on their Blackberry, if a government shutdown, according to the National Journal:

    White House staff face the threat of up to two years in jail if they use their work blackberry question on the government shutdown, sources told National Journal.

    Employees reported that "read the Riot Act", warning not to use the device. "People are very clearly not used blackberry [if they nonexempted] after the completion of work," said one source, who spoke on condition of anonymity in discussing internal White House story to the press. "Same with [employees] nonexempted using their personal Blackberry [of government]. Nonstarter Full.

On the positive side, we could work on a sidewalk in Washington without the Dodge "Blackberry blind pedestrians going to and from work.

List of government agencies will be disconnected from the government shutdown of one long and reaches deep inside the United States economy and society: 13:28. The New York Times:

    Among those waiting anxiously to hear if Congress can reach a budget deal Front Desk clerks at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park, the heads of producers whose goods are presented to federal agencies, loan officers of banks to make mortgages guaranteed by the Federal Department of Housing construction and Wall Street analysts, who rely on the continued flow of government data.

Some things will continue. Medicare and Medicaid Services - the largest source of medical care for the elderly and the poor - get funding mandatory, so that they survive off.

13:20: Here is the latest summary of how to proceed with the negotiations between Congress and the White House with my colleague, Ewen MacAskill in Washington:

    Obama, after a late night meeting in the White House, Boehner and Senate leader, Harry Reid, sounded quite confident that can be achieved. He said that officers from both sides worked all night to bridge remaining differences. "I am not prepared to express wild optimism," the president said. "But I think we're farther than today we were yesterday." This is expected in early response from the Republicans to prevent the necessary measures to reduce asthma in progress.

    Democrats said the agreement was made in approximately 70% of the questions. Senior House Democrat, Steny Hoyer told NBC "no deal yet, unfortunately." He said that he was confused, because the country was on the verge of extinction, but "you can not negotiate on the basis that gives 100% on one side and the other gives zero."

    Republicans want to cut the federal deficit to $ 40 billion (£ 24 billion). Democrats have made a compromise proposal to $ 34.5bn on Wednesday. New points to stick primarily on those areas where the Republicans want cuts - abortion programs and environmental protection - that the Democrats refuse to surrender.
13:00 ET: less than 11 hours from this time the U.S. government will lose its funding, and effectively closed - does not cause about 800.000 Federal employees deemed "essential" forced to leave without paying the final date is uncertain.

Refusing to pass a bill allowing the federal government for funding, before the Republican House of Representatives forcing confrontation with the White House and Barack Obama. If disabling, Washington, DC Finally, the grind and a full arsenal of modern public services, from national parks passport applications will be closed for some time.

The armed forces will be in America and other parts of the country's infrastructure continues to receive wages, although they are actually paying them is another matter.

In 1995-1996, saw a similar battle between the President of the Democratic and Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the government shutdown as crowded most of the Republican. But the move to the opposite Gingrich - and who helped Clinton is engaged in re-election to the presidency in the same year.