Lauren Alaina tries for Pia fans - American Idol top 8 recap

With three judges love seven of the eight performances of the song - and half love each other - "American Idol" was a shift of attention to rustle up a little musical drama on Wednesday night.

Fortunately, he believes, Jimmy Iovine.

The competition is based on weekly exceptions, judges tell the contestants, "You all were great!" just do not really help much with the differentiation process.

So on Wednesday night in the spotlight has moved behind the scenes recording Iovine, chairman of Interscope Records and musical mentor in this year's "Idol."

Iovine it can make a wave of music is not surprising, given his chops.

It's just that, unlike the judges of the luster of the "panel this year, he was hired to be the guy who works with candidates throughout the week. He wears casual clothes, not the cup of coke on his desk.

On Wednesday night, but we watched quietly to do it:

1. He advised the candidate Loren Alain singing Miley Cyrus "The Climb" partly because "there are many voices out there, Pius, which is how to get them."

Quick background for those who hibernated until this week: Competitor Pia Toscano Queen was voted off show last week, stunning the judges and most of America.

"It looks cool," said Iovine strategies vote-grabbing. "But you have to think like that."

So, Lauren sang. The judges really liked it. "You shall not steal votes from anyone," Judge Jennifer Lopez cracked.

2. He advised the candidate Casey Abrams not to sing Nat King Cole "Nature Boy", sweet blues song.

"This show is a hurricane," said Iovine. "If you go there and nobody hears it."

Abrams sang anyway. The judges all liked it.

Abrams himself once sang, said: "I felt that people were against me. ... I did something that was not done."

3. He advised James Durbin candidate did not sing "Call It Heavy Metal".

Durbin sang anyway, or at least, when he sang guest Zakk Wylde did not have guitar solos.

The judges really liked it.

Now it will be interesting to see if America loves a choice, and James Casey - or, if shares in the U.S. in terms of judges, which Haley Reinhart version of "Call Me" Blondie was the only song on the night who does not deserve immortality now.

"People want us to be tough," Lopez passed after the launch of Scotty McCreery George Strait "I Cross My Heart". "But you're so damn good!"

Lopez could be forgiven dizzy, as host Ryan Seacrest opened the show saying that people only that the magazine called it "the most beautiful woman in the world" - an honor she has no doubt of his added visibility of "Idol."

Lopez had a brief tribute to the blushing and AW-GM-Ing.

This, however, set the tone of the evening, as the lovefest, plus or minus a few tips Iovine.