Miami Heat Face Toughest Road in Playoffs - 2011 NBA Playoff Schedule

Miami Heat made a season of 2010-2011, with the NBA, for the most part. There are still some remaining in the calendar quarter. Minutes that are likely to see their three main steps.

Worst of all are now off the track. Crew of Miami has gone through tough victory chemistry. Heat star now know what it looks like the failure of the table in Miami. Injury, illness, problems of coaching, all that can be found in the season, these guys have it.

Now they must play in the second season. This will be a test of endurance than two months. It will not be easy either.
Round 1

Philadelphia 76: Heat the intersection 76ers. There is no way Sixers face kind of talent at the All-Star team in Miami.

However, heat will work raged in this match-up. This could be five games. It can be even sweep, but the big three to earn a paycheck. Questions Sixers force working for you. Miami's defense is struggling with the transition.

Round 2

Boston Celtics: Heat get their first real test after the end of the season. The Celtics have a way to make the game totally unwatchable. They lower the estimate and make you play offense methodically.

Heat can not do it live.

3rd round

Chicago Bulls: If you want heat of Fame, they should go beyond the best team in the East. I do not think heat is the man power or the weapons to fight here.

Bulls see a very tired team wear. Nobody leaves Boston without at least a few cuts and bruises.

Miami Heat may have two seeds, but they are far from favorites. They have a difficult road of any team in the playoffs, that could actually win it all. We're going to see that they are indeed the facts.