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The second wave of games on the opening day starts today. There are nine home openers to go, 11 games in all. The day begins with the National League Cy Young winner Roy Halladay on the mound that he and the owner of the Philadelphia Phillies Houston Astros. It ends with the American League Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners Ace against Oakland.

nine open (local time): Astros at Phillies, 1:05 pm, Pirates of the Cubs, 2:20; White Sox vs. Indians, 3:05; Red Sox at Rangers, 4:05; Diamondbacks in the Rockies, 4: 10; Twins at Blue Jays, 7:07; Rays Orioles, 7:10; Mets at Marlins, 7:10; sailors and Athletics, 10:05.
Phillies-Astros BOX SCORE

4:00 pm ET: Phillies get two runs in the seventh, three in the ninth hat thrilling come-from-behind victory in the opening day. Brandon Lyon is responsible for all three runs in the ninth and gets the loss. Mayberry Jr. a hero for the Phillies.

3:55 p. M., ET.:. John Mayberry Jr. singles in winning run. Phillies win 5-4.

3:52 pm ET: Chase Utley replacement's, Wilson Valdez singles in a game-tying run. John Mayberry Jr. at the plate.

3:50 pm ET: Phillies threatened. Ben Francisco singles in Rollins, Astros 4, Phillies 3. Carlos Ruiz singles to load the base, one out.

3:41 pm ET: Howard singles to an average of closer Brandon Lyon. Runners on first and second.

3:32 pm ET: Phillies are up to their last three outs. With Jimmy Rollins on first, Ryan Howard can tie the game with one swing the bat.

3:09 pm ET: Phillies seventh inning two run closes the lead to 4-2.

2:49 pm ET: Astros break it open for the seventh time in two run triple, Michael Bourn. Bourne makes 4-0, scoring on a sacrifice fly.

2:34 pm ET: The Astros get to Halladay and take a 1-0 lead after a Hunter Pence double and Bill Hall of the infield in the sixth inning. Halladay is a pinch-hit to the bottom of the inning. His day ended.

2:24 pm ET: Bad news for fans of the Cardinals. Left fielder Matt Holliday undergo the procedure of an appendectomy today after attending a 3-for-4 on the opening day on Thursday.

2:14 pm ET: The Astros have three hits in 5 innings. Myers two of them.

2:10 pm ET: On the deck - the owner of the Cubs Pirates at Wrigley Field. Ryan Dempster against Kevin Correia. $ 125 million payroll, compared with $ 45 million. Guess which team has a lower wage?

2:09 pm ET: Ben Francisco, replacing Jason Werth in right field, gets confusing fly ball in the wind and drop the ball. Astros' Humberto Quintero reach second base.

2:05 pm ET: Myers, corresponds to Halladay in the pitching duel. Allowed only four hits after four innings.

1:38 pm ET: Halladay no-hitter in a 2 2 / 3 half-time was broken up by the former Phillies pitcher Brett Myers. Score remains 0-0.

1:20 pm ET: cook 846 players 25-man opening day rosters, prohibit or restrict the list of 234 (27.7%) are foreign-born players. New York Yankees have the most.

1:16 pm ET: strong start for Halladay, 1-2-3 turn.

1:05 pm ET: heart and soul of the Phillies, Chase Utley, will sit out the knife and the next few weeks with a knee injury.

1:04 pm ET: For those who forgot, Halladay threw a perfect game in May last year and a no-hitter in the National League Division Series.

12:59 pm, ET: Roy Halladay are ready to make his ninth consecutive start on opening day, and secondly with the Phillies. This is a long strip in the majors.