Recap of "The Good Wife"

It occurred to me to observe good wife this week that if the show was not so carefully constructed and acted with such meticulous control of his legal scene could release into the mad mad David E. Kelley, Boston Legal / Ally McBeal city. As they say on the Ultimate Fighter Spike TV, he's out.

Take, for example, an episode this week, titled "Foreign Affairs". Lockhart / Gardner presented small drilling contractors involved in the dispute with the oil conglomerate in South America. The plot worked in returning America Ferrera Natalie Flores, a Spanish translator of these two important legal documents and whining at no less than Cesar Chavez, seen only from the chest down through video conferencing. Chavez has been played for laughs wide, interspersing the jumper change in the law is nowhere funds Oscar Courtney Love ("Where is his Academy Award - where").

Adding to the stupidity of Fred Dalton Thompson was playing Frank Thomas, Fred Dalton Thompson, as a lawyer and now an actor who used his fame as a prosecutor television to get the benefit of clients and judges play a recurring SNL Ana Gasteyer (this J. Lessner, In my opinion, "the judge).

At headquarters, the election Peter Florrick, Eli Gold can almost taste victory - if only Alice would agree to a televised interview, he thought that the front margin of one point of their candidate was. So, Alicia has sold, sitting down with the real Erica Hill, who probably never thought she would be on television, ask someone how she felt about her husband sleeping with another young woman 18 times.

Alicia was harassed by Andrew M., a detective in the hoodie. This was even after the contents of the two missing pages in the record of interview with the state Attorney Kalinda's.

I liked how the show has taken what could turn banal - Alicia in the voting booth - and made payable as a mini-climax of the season.

Benefits for that time - a view from the devastated, tears Alicia amazing news of this double betrayal profoundly - given some of the dramatic inconsistencies, or what in my opinion, be.

What is left in the craw is: Alicia Wiley has the possibility to refuse to hear the roar of immodesty Peter. Is not why women do not mind because, like Alicia said: "You know what, do not even tell me - there are always rumors, and I do not need another one happening in my head?

But this time, as soon as she heard that he was Kalinda, who played with Peter, and she knows in her bones, heart, it's true, not a rumor, a good wife is entering a new phase. From there he Alicia no illusions about the past, may be at an impasse about his instincts (she must wonder how she could have made friends and felt Kalinda Kalinda something or Peter), and make it work new muscles developed in recent months to cope with the blows to the body and soul, as it is.