Record Store Day

Tomorrow, April 16 is Record Store Day - a world celebration of independent music stores and vinyl.

Should we be happy?

It seems obvious to say "yes, of course, but not everyone agrees. NME has recently conducted a blog by Rick Martin, who claimed (in series), he was still so easy to go along the path of the Dodo and small music stores may disappear too happy, and with them As he says, "socially inadequate, contemptuous twerps ", which are usually personnel.

Maybe this is my (average) age, but the music shops and turntables will always be a special call pink. I'm not particularly interested in +the debate about whether the music sounds better than using digital sources. It's horses for courses - you can use the hard disk player and speakers at Cheam home by train.

And I must admit, it must be months since I used my player - to listen to the album Bill Broonzy is not available in digital format.