Richard Trevithick -

Running engine has already been created and developed by Thomas Newcomen, James Watt - but Trevithick was interested in creating an alternative model must be paid for their business.

Christmas 1801 Trevithick demonstrated the fruits of their work, the engine the way he called the Puffing Devil, the transport of several people in the area of ​​Camborne.

car broke down after three days, and then demonstrate Trevithick Steam Carriage London two years later.

And in 1804, Trevithick steam locomotive on the basis of finished drawings that in the credits as the world's first locomotive traction rail of 10 tons of iron were removed from Penydarren to Abercynon Merthyr Tydfil on Tramroad.

Richard Trevithick was like today to 240 - anniversary was marked by Google Doodle.

Cornish engineer, was born April 13, 1771, has helped revolutionize travel with his work on the steam engine and is considered one of the fathers of the pair of movement.