Ricky Rubio 'Open' To Signing With The Minnesota Timberwolves

Ricky Rubio may be interested in coming to the NBA next year to play in Minnesota Timberwolves.Ricky Rubio, the fifth pick out of Minnesota in the 2009 NBA Draft, averaged 6.1 points, 3.7 assists and 1.8 for the sale of Regal FC Barcelona during the game for 21 minutes per game in Euroleague competition from his team this season.

These figures are not too impressive, of course, but there are recent reports - from the waters of Charlie Pioneer Press - that Rubio might be interested in coming to Minnesota next year! This is probably a long shot, but the optimistic news about the Minnesota there.

      Bird said Minnesota got word from a family of Ricky Rubio is also open to signing with them for the next season - if there is a season.

       Employment contract expires on June 30 in the NBA, and is a task for Rubio, 2009 Wolves' first-round draft pick, who could continue to play for Barcelona in Spain, where the NBA lockout.

I hate the fact that the water to find the "bird", but as I said earlier, optimism is a good optimistic ... even small birds.