Steals Thunder of Royal Wedding-Simon Cowell Offers $5 Million X Factor Prize

Simon Cowell may be the Royals to add to his list of enemies. Daily Mail reports that show the producer of X Factor, steals the attention of Prince William and Kate Middleton upcoming wedding.
Cowell offers a prize of $ 5 million winner of X Factor U.S. and British claims, the newspaper that British students prefer to watch a song contest, which is connected to the royal wedding.
"Learning to be known by birth in the bed right as Prince William, is now regarded as something questionable in a way that was not at the time of Princess Diana and Charles Wedding, British Professor of Sociology Chris Rojek in an interview. "Those born in the glory of the trigger, and now we get rooms built Simon Cowell in the future." Case in point: Cowell helped create career Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood to name a few.
Rojek adds: "By the time Charles and Diana married in 1981, it was rare for people to meet a celebrity now, it's almost as if he were within reach of everyone, I think its going to be very difficult for a prince William and Kate now .. myself as glamorous as the mother of William did, because it's a different world now. "

However, the plan that a glimpse of this historic event. 2000000000 fans around the track will be on April 29 wedding at Westminster Abbey.