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Basketball Fans Flock to Houston for the College Final Four:
NCAA, better known as the NCAA, the organization of its last four games of men in this year's basketball season in Houston, Texas. More than 70.000 fans are expected in the games, including two first places on Saturday and the winners of these games will be final on Monday. There are a lot of excitement and Reliant Stadium on where the game is progressing.

Part of the excitement of basketball fans in this year's Final Four, is that some lower-ranked teams to win the decisive game and reach the final.

One of them was 11 years old place Virginia Commonwealth University or VCU.

Fans hometown of VCU in Richmond, Va., in the players' autographs, and even coach Shaka Smart became a celebrity.
Patti made the long trip from Richmond to support. "You know, the city has just received a total of Mayhem (excited and happy). They love the boys, and we are here to support them and show them that we're rooting for them," he said.

Of course, many people attending events here in Houston and its suburbs, but they are favorites, as well.

Sasha Richards coach basketball at Tyler, Texas. "I like Kentucky. I, as coach John Calipari. I think he's a good coach. I like what he did in his young basketball player, so I'm interested in is to put them into practice," he said.

Another team with a lower rating, Butler University, Indianapolis, Ind., said the Bulldogs brought the mascot to cheer the players.

Talisman guard Tiffany came to Indianapolis with a child, Everett. "It's very pleasing. I think the whole city will be settled, and they are very happy and ready to play," he said.

Why do people support one team or another is sometimes difficult to find. Natalie in Indiana, but he is not here in Butler. "I've been a fan of UConn for a long time. I mean, like Butler, but I like UConn a bit more," he said.

UConn is a short three University of Connecticut, is the highest of any team in the Final Four, "mainly because the star player Kemba Walker.

But the really big guy team 213-centimeter-long Charles Okwandu, who was born and raised in Nigeria.

24-year-old senior, says it's like a dream. "Every basketball player hopes and dreams go to the Final Four and win a championship, and I'm from Nigeria and now I'm here. It's like a dream. I feel great and I'm really happy to be here," he said.

Okwandu UConn has played since his sophomore year and became the model for those who want the players back to Africa.

Assistant coach Kevin Ollie says Charles Okwandu build a youth sports programs in the country. "Basketball has done wonders in my life, and I know that this is the life of Charles well, and hopefully it can be Messenger, when he returns home, and shows the fruit of labor plays basketball and basketball instruction for students or young people back in Nigeria, "he said.

Final Four games are also offering opportunities for young people here to practice their skills in throwing the ball through the hoop.

And when they get tired, that there are many other events, such as free concerts, festivals and dance performances.

There are a lot of excitement and plenty of entertainment available here in Houston for fans of the Final Four, but in the end it all boils down to a game and which team will grow to champion this year.